Reimagining luxury fashion with a sustainable, made-to-order approach can solve many problems in our industry and world.

Yesterday, I walked into ABC Carpet & Home to browse furniture for my new home. When I inquired about pricing on a slipcovered sofa straight off a Nancy Meyer’s set, I was warned that my custom color preference has a 12-week production lead time. “Perfect!” I exclaimed, and the salesperson looked relieved at my accommodating response.

Waiting a few months for an important purchase, locally handmade with the specifications and color that I want, feels fine to me. Most of us have purchased…

Why it’s needed + what can be done now to get started.

Photo: Allyson Riggs/Hulu

If not now, when will the luxury fashion industry address size inclusivity? REAL inclusivity. Not a conversation, a nod, a token, or a marketing wink. Putting one larger person on a runway or in a campaign is certainly a step in the right direction but not even close to real change. Soon, the brands and designers that adapt to create clothes for more bodies will survive and the others will fall.

Gone are the days of aspirational luxury. The standard modus operandi in the 1980’s and 1990’s, the…

After the breakdown comes the breakthrough.

photo @coyanstudio

In limitless ways, I am fortunate. In relation to others, my breakdown came early on, after the Forty Five Ten stores closed on March 17, I was furloughed shortly after. I took time to grieve, feel the loss and transition into a mindset of rest and rejuvenation without the pressure to work. Next, something unexpected happened. I felt inspired to think creatively about the future.

People are grieving, going through a breakdown, or struggling to save their company on different timelines. From speaking with designers and fashion business owners in the last few weeks…

The fashion industry has a lot of areas with room for improvement:

  • sustainability
  • diversity
  • inclusivity
  • ethical production

Yet, we will not get the opportunity to grow and improve our industry, welcome more people to the fashion party, reduce harm to our environment, and care well for our artisans if we sabotage our business now by following old practices and making decisions driven by fear and scarcity thinking.

The Covid-19 pandemic will affect and hurt every part of the fashion industry from designers and brands of all sizes, to monobrand and multibrand retailers, brick + mortar and e-commerce retailers, vertical retailers…

Ann Wehren

mentor, consultant, and advocate for a more inclusive, sustainable, and ethical future of fashion ❤ founder

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